By the saying “Men and women are equal”

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By the saying “Men and women are equal”, Gender equality prevails in a good way everywhere, but at the same time, by allegations of some feeble people, this gender equality turned out into a broken one and the women have succumbed to some outrageous incidents in the society. Rapes have been prevailing as a common crime against women everywhere from primeval periods. It is a sexual act involving unlawful sexual penetration to the opposite sex by an individual through harassment, blackmail or any other false assurance and agreements. In the ancient periods of ruling kings, women were used for illegitimate activities in a legal manner. Later after passing time, women’s emotions are considered and an equality status had been given for them, and many changes happened in the history of women over periods. But even after that period, rapes have occurred for women around the localities and women were always considered as a property for men without any constraints. Rape became a social evil and spreads at a fast pace in unconfined paths in the society. This evil spreading among the country mainly depends on the law of the country to the rape convicts. All countries around the world are considering this thing as a crime but the rate of punishments offering differs. A law which can be easily breached is not at all a credible law for the society. A law can become beefy only by the gruesome punishments for crimes.

Rape crimes in past and current periods

In primordial periods, men were considered superior to women and they were dominated. Because of this culture, always men have some extra power over women, and some erroneous people used that power in incorrect ways to satisfy their lusts inside them. Punishments for the rapes are also sluggish and decisions from the law are indolent. Because of this, the crime rate related to rape was not in a confined manner under the law. In these modern current trends, a lot of freedom is offered among the girls and women in every corner of the society. They are also equally working in various positions as men in different sectors and functioning for the development of society. As much of the social developments are emerging, the crime rates are also rising, and harassments for women are occurring in a wide range. With the advent of mobile technologies, various faulty things are happening in day to day life by a lot of transgressors. From Nirbhaya to Asifa India has faced a lot of struggles in women safety crimes and one of the main reasons which are inducing these crimes to happen are the wrongdoings in the internet and erroneous contents published in the websites, which tends to do the people in their real-life situations. Nowadays it is very easy to access the internet for kids and young people. They have to be strictly monitored by their parents or guardians to use the internet in a safe and sound way, so as to prevent them from reaching wrong paths on the internet, which will destroy them.

Escaping Hades - a rape and sexual abuse survivor's site

Rape and sexual abuse for girls are a widespread and common crime among the society. These kinds of wrongdoings are completely preventable that Escaping hades is doing that job by inhibiting the sexual harassment and mistreatment for both the genders. We are providing our support and endeavor to change for the better in the life of rape victims and survivors of sexual abuses by providing them with quality medications and treatments in both psychological and physiological. We indulge ourselves in raising the voice of our maximum extent to spread awareness among the people about sexual harassments and its ill effects in the survivor’s life. Our system of member agencies works to helps the survivors to alleviate the bad effects of the rape. The main aim is to provide a collective voice for the awareness among the people, persuade people to make effective responses to sexual harassment in all places. Sexual abuse for an individual will cause some long-term effects via health and psychologically. It may affect the victim’s emotions and physical conditions in a perilous way which can risk their lives. Proper psychological treatment should be provided for them over a constant period of time and little treatments can be made for the lifetime to them. The ill effects may vary with the victim’s age and maturity. Extra care should be taken for the individuals, who were affected by child sexual abuse, as they were very prone to psychological attacks which can annihilate their thoughts and life. Several stress symptoms may occur for the survivors such as sexual problems, confusion in own sexuality, dissociation, anxiety, Deep depressions, unwanted nightmares, hallucinations, irritability and extreme anger, Thoughts about suicide, Alcohol addictions, drug addiction and misuse. It’s not a must thing for an individual to experience all these symptoms, but some of these thoughts will be experienced by a sexual abuse survivor, in which their disease intensity can be predicted. Severe eating disorders will also arrive for them like self-destructing behavior, borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder etc. If anyone of the people is experiencing the above ill effects and symptoms who are survivors, our expert team will be there to provide efficient medications and treatments by a better way of understanding all their emotions and thoughts and delivering effective solutions by appropriate advice and support to ease their difficulties in their life.

Escaping Hades FAQs

  • 1)What are the common feelings and effects do the survivor's experience?

    The most common feelings and the emotions include but are not limited to emotional shock, denial, depression, sadness, and physical stress etc.

  • 2) Are most of the sexual crimes committed by the strangers?

    Yes, a recent report exclaims that most of the sexual crimes are committed by the strangers.

  • 3)Can a victim report about the crime?

    Yes, if the victim wants justice and wants the offender to be punished they can report the crime.

  • 4)Whether it is easy to tell who is a sex offender?

    Generally, the sex offenders can come from any ethnic background. They can be anyone such as male, female, married, a friend, stranger and relative etc.

  • 5) Are the sexes crimes are subjected to passion or desire?

    Each and every sex crime is a crime of violence, power, and control.

  • 6)What is the impact of the child sex case abuse?

    The impact of the child sex case abuse is a worst one; there will be an enhanced likelihood of depression, sexually transmitted disease and criminal behavior etc.

  • 7)Can therapy help a child who has been sexually abused recover?

    Yes, obviously therapy can help a child who has been sexually abused. Their lives will be changed forever; most of the adults have healed from the childhood sexual abuse.

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    Sexual Assault Medication

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    Cialis Rx(prescribed) High 8.0 / 10 $37.24
    Staxyn Rx(prescribed) High 9.0 / 10 $23.66
    Levitra Rx(prescribed) Moderate 7.0 / 10 $29.25
    Viagra Rx(prescribed) High 8.0 / 10 $30.1
    Caverject Impulse Rx(prescribed) High 9.0 / 10 $20.11
    Stendra Rx(prescribed) Low 5.0 / 10 $23.25
    Muse Rx(prescribed) Low 5.0 / 10 $2 to $5
    alprostadil Rx(prescribed) Moderate 7.0 / 10 $8-$12